Stop Wasting Money on Recruitment

Stop Wasting Money on Recruitment

abakhulu---stop-wasting-moneyA resignation from an employee, especially someone who has positively contributed to the company, will usually be a downer for you and your employees.  A bigger downer may be the prospect of finding a suitable replacement.

Have you ever stopped to consider how much money is wasted on your recruitment process?

Recently, one of my clients, John Johnston*, decided that he would take on the responsibility of replacing his bookkeeper who had resigned to relocate to Durban.  The bookkeeper had been with the company for eight years.  He figured that, as a founding member of his manufacturing company, he knew the requirements for a bookkeeper, and he was confident he could easily and efficiently recruit a replacement.

After placing numerous adverts in newspapers, various job boards and online, John began to work through hundreds of CVs, but the 12 short-listed people he met all wasted his valuable time – that’s when he called me to ask for a lifeline.  He said, “If I have to take a call from another time waster who tells me they are looking for any job – I am going to hit the roof!”

Before we took on the assignment to fill the bookkeeper position, we asked the following questions:

  • Should they automatically replace this employee?
  • Do they really need to hire a full-time additional resource?
  • Have they considered multi-skilling their existing employees?

After reviewing the company and accounts department organogram, John realized that he no longer needed to waste any more money on recruiting an external bookkeeper.

The accounts clerk had recently completed her three-year National Diploma in Bookkeeping and was ready to take on added responsibilities, while the receptionist indicated that she was eager to expand her skillset.  John was able to give her a job enlargement, and her role now included capturing invoices.  John also found out that a temp in the factory was an A accounting student looking for an opportunity to move into accounts while she studied through UNISA.  John allowed her the opportunity to take up a position as the junior accounts clerk.

By reshuffling his staff, John was seen to care about his employees’ career development and comprehensively saved money on his salary bill by working smarter.

If you are not as fortunate as John to find resources within your company and need to recruit, how cost effective is your process?

Are you wasting money on your recruitment process?  Whether you have an internal person assigned to recruitment or whether you are using an external recruitment partner, is the process cost-effective, attracting the best talent while enhancing your reputation and brand value through the recruitment process?

If you are not sure how to get started with this, or how to make an informed assessment of your needs, then we would be happy to offer some additional assistance.  In fact, we offer a FREE recruitment process audit, where we will assist in reducing your costs and streamlining your process, at no obligation.  This audit includes a free template for a 90-day staff induction program.  Contact us straight away on (011) 760 1021 or and take the first step in optimizing your Recruitment process.

*Name of client has been changed

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