Advert Response Handling

Advert Response Handling 2017-03-31T13:02:26+00:00

Abakhulu People understands that managing the volume of responses to adverts and providing both timely and appropriate feedback to candidates is extremely important to any successful recruitment campaign.

Managing advertising response and screening has become an increasingly difficult function for Human Resource and/or Recruitment Consultancies both from a logistics and cost perspective. In the current candidate rich market, almost every job posting advertised receives a flood of applications, many attracting 100’s of responses – great news, except very few of these actually meet the required specification.

Having to methodically work through and respond to each application a torrent of telephone enquiries and email chases can invariably bring operations to a grinding halt as productive time slips away.

We have the experience and organization in place to respond in a professional and efficient manner to a large volume recruitment drive. Our response handling approach utilizes a variety of means that include email, telephone, face to face interviews and paper-based methods.

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