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Why you should use a Recruitment Consultant

All too often, as a human resource or line manager, you may be desperate to fill that vacant position. Workloads are increasing, overtime is piling up, projects are falling behind and you clearly don’t have the time to search and screen for candidates. Fortunately, recruitment consultants are trained to attract, screen and select qualified candidates [...]

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How to Retain Talent

Attracting and keeping young, skilled employees is important but often difficult for today's businesses. Companies with an unusually high level of staff turnover get frustrated when new recruits resign before completing their first year. Simple changes in the recruitment process and the company culture can increase retention and job satisfaction for employees, resulting in lower [...]

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The Cost of Absenteeism

Absenteeism is an employee’s intentional or unscheduled habitual absence from work. Imagine a world where all our employees report for duty every day.  There would be no last-minute calls or SMSs feigning illness [cough cough], personal catastrophes [I’m stuck in my garage] or the traumatic passing of a grandmother [again].  You would be able to [...]

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Stop Wasting Money on Recruitment

A resignation from an employee, especially someone who has positively contributed to the company, will usually be a downer for you and your employees.  A bigger downer may be the prospect of finding a suitable replacement. Have you ever stopped to consider how much money is wasted on your recruitment process? Recently, one of my [...]

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