Labour Broking Services

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We offer a comprehensive labour broking service to both local and international clients.

As labour brokers we supply and manage contract, temporary and project staff. We specialize in the broking and management of Management, Professional, Engineering, Technical, Sales and Marketing Staff.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners locally who find labour legislation and recruiting the right staff particularly challenging have successfully used our services to recruit, manage and train their staff.

International companies seeking a Recruitment Partner knowledgeable of local labour legislation with access candidate databases will find that Abakhulu People are positioned correctly to add value to your Human Resource department.

Our outsourced Labour Broking Services allow our clients to focus on their core business. We take care of the Human Resource matters and Industrial Relations concerns starting with the contract of appointment.

We administer weekly, fortnight and monthly payrolls, statutory deductions and payments of UIF, PAYE, Skills Development Levy and Workman’s Compensation. We work with our clients to ensure that their employee relations are supported by compliance with relevant legislation including industry Bargaining Councils or Sectoral Determinations.

Employee Benefits

Abakhulu People offers our employees a Group Life, Income Protector and Provident Plan option underwritten by Liberty Life. The Group Life Scheme includes an annual salary pay-out in the event of death and or disability.

It is our responsibility to pay the correct amount of tax due to the receiver of revenue. We subscribe to the notion that tax planning is the best way to ensure that you receive maximum benefit from your salary. We have an onsite tax specialist who works with our contractors to ensure salaries are structured accordingly.

Specialist Contractor Services

Abakhulu People offers a unique Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) service to our Contractors. The VPA assists with keeping tabs on expenses; online research; database entries; social media updates; manage emails; social tasks; travel booking; diary management and minutes of meetings.

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