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Skilled and Professional

You have come to the right place, whether you require one staff member or a team to meet your company objectives. We have the recruitment expertise to assist you.

We service our clients human resource needs by matching the best possible candidate available with the requirements of the task at hand. We work closely with our clients and potential candidates to match job requirements, values and expectations.
Abakhulu People recruitment area of expertise includes:


Office support staff including receptionist, data capturers, secretaries, and personal assistants, human resources, marketing and sales

Finance and Accounts

Financial Directors, Financial Managers, Cost Accountants, Financial Controllers, Accountants, Invoicing, Debtors and Creditors Clerks, Bookkeepers to Trial Balance, Bookkeepers to Balance Sheet, newly qualified Accountants and interns for on the job experience programs.

Wholesale and Retail

Merchandisers, in-store promoters, planners, point of sale staff, sales reps (internal/external), supervisors, store managers and sales coordinators.


Skilled and professional staff, artisans (all disciplines), engineers (all disciplines), IT technicians, helpdesk support, health and safety practitioners.

IT Specialist Skills

Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Manager, Project Managers, Developers, Testers and Modellers

Artisans, Semi Skilled and General Workers

Skilled and semi-skilled technical staff including artisans from all disciplines
General Workers
We supply general workers as per our client operational requirements. General workers with construction, plumbing and electrical backgrounds

Large volume nationwide recruitment projects – all skills

Contact us now to discuss how we can work together to recruit the right people for your business. Abakhulu People will manage your permanent recruitment process and temporary, contract or project recruitment requirements.

Labour Broking

We offer a comprehensive labour broking service to both local and international clients.

As labour brokers we supply and manage contract, temporary and project staff. We specialize in the broking and management of Management, Professional, Engineering, Technical, Sales and Marketing Staff.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners locally who find labour legislation and recruiting the right staff particularly challenging have successfully used our services to recruit, manage and train their staff.

International companies seeking a Recruitment Partner knowledgeable of local labour legislation with access candidate databases will find that Abakhulu People are positioned correctly to add value to your Human Resource department.

Our outsourced Labour Broking Services allow our clients to focus on their core business. We take care of the Human Resource matters and Industrial Relations concerns starting with the contract of appointment.

We administer weekly, fortnight and monthly payrolls, statutory deductions and payments of UIF, PAYE, Skills Development Levy and Workman’s Compensation. We work with our clients to ensure that their employee relations are supported by compliance with relevant legislation including industry Bargaining Councils or Sectoral Determinations.

Employee Benefits

Abakhulu People offers our employees a Group Life, Income Protector and Provident Plan option underwritten by Liberty Life. The Group Life Scheme includes an annual salary pay-out in the event of death and or disability.

It is our responsibility to pay the correct amount of tax due to the receiver of revenue. We subscribe to the notion that tax planning is the best way to ensure that you receive maximum benefit from your salary. We have an onsite tax specialist who works with our contractors to ensure salaries are structured accordingly.

Specialist Contractor Services

Abakhulu People offers a unique Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) service to our Contractors. The VPA assists with keeping tabs on expenses; online research; database entries; social media updates; manage emails; social tasks; travel booking; diary management and minutes of meetings.

Abakhulu People Response Handling Solution

Abakhulu People understands that managing the volume of responses to adverts and providing both timely and appropriate feedback to candidates is extremely important to any successful recruitment campaign.

Managing advertising response and screening has become an increasingly difficult function for Human Resource and/or Recruitment Consultancies both from a logistics and cost perspective. In the current candidate rich market, almost every job posting advertised receives a flood of applications, many attracting 100’s of responses – great news, except very few of these actually meet the required specification.

Having to methodically work through and respond to each application a torrent of telephone enquiries and email chases can invariably bring operations to a grinding halt as productive time slips away.

We have the experience and organization in place to respond in a professional and efficient manner to a large volume recruitment drive. Our response handling approach utilizes a variety of means that include email, telephone, face to face interviews and paper-based methods.

Abakhulu Hospitality

Abakhulu People have joined ventures with an elite hospitality business owner to add yet another service to our brand. Abakhulu People Hospitality Services specialize in event management, coordination and supply of professional staff – waitrons, bartenders, chefs, supervisors and cleaners. We cater for small intimate functions to high end events.

Contact us today for a comprehensive quotation.


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